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Vaughan, R.E., Jones, K.H. (1913): The birds of Hong Kong, Macao, and the West River or Si Kiang in South-East China, with special reference to their nidification and seasonal movements. The Ibis (10) 1: 17-76.
Language: EnglishType: Normal Paper
Countries where study took place: China
Species: Corvus, -Corvus frugilegus, --C.f.pastinator, -Corvus pectoralis, Dendrocitta, -Dendrocitta formosae, --D.f.himalayensis, Garrulus, -Garrulus glandarius, --G.g.sinensis, Pica, -Pica pica, Urocissa, -Urocissa erythroryncha
Themes: Geographical distribution, - Observation in general/Expedition, Habitat, Breeding biology, - Nesting, - Eggs/Incubation, Foraging, - Predation by Corvids, - Predation by Corvids, Behaviour
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