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Wallace, A.R. (1880): Island life - or, the phenomena and causes of insular faunas and floras, including a revision and attempted solution of the problem of geological climates. London, Macmillan. see p. 20-23.
Language: EnglishType: Book
Countries where study took place: Unknown or unspecified Asia, Unknown or unspecified Europe
Species: Garrulus, -Garrulus glandarius, --G.g.atricapillus, --G.g.bispecularis, --G.g.brandtii, --G.g.cervicalis, --G.g.glandarius, --G.g.hyrcanus, --G.g.japonicus, --G.g.krynicki, --G.g.sinensis, --G.g.taivanus, -Garrulus lanceolatus, -Garrulus lidthi
Themes: Systematics, - Evolution/Phylogeny, Geographical distribution
Map, distribution Garrulus
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