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151. Haviland, M.D. 1918Notes on some birds of the Bessarabian Steppe. The Ibis ser. 10 v.6 (2): 288-291.EnglishNormal PaperYes

152. Kloss, C.B. 1918On birds recently collected in Siam The Ibis ser. 10 v.6 (2): 189-234.EnglishNormal PaperYes

153. Baxter, E.V., Rintoul, L.J. 1918On The birds of the Isle of May: A Migration study. The Ibis ser. 10 v.6 (2): 147-287.EnglishNormal PaperYes

154. Stuart Baker, E.C. 1918Erythrism in Birds' Eggs. The Ibis ser. 10 v.6 (1): 68-75.EnglishNormal PaperYes

155. Anonymous 1918Third oological dinner. The Ibis ser. 10 v.6 (1): 179-187.EnglishNoteYes

156. Jourdain, F.C.R. 1918Ornithology of Malta. The Ibis ser. 10 v.6 (1): 173-174.EnglishNormal PaperYes

157. Kennedy, J.N. 1917Birds in the Ancre Valley during the winter of 1916-1917. The Ibis ser.10 v.5 (4): 526-538.EnglishNormal PaperYes

158. Sclater, W.L. 1917On a new South American Jay of the genus Cyanolyca. The Ibis ser.10 v.5 (4): 465-466.EnglishNormal PaperYes

159. Sladen, A.G.L. 1917Notes on birds recently observed in Macedonia. The Ibis ser.10 v.5 (3): 429-433.EnglishNormal PaperYes

160. Mackworth-Praed, C.W. 1917A collection of birds from two districts of British East Africa. The Ibis ser.10 v.5 (3): 362-421.EnglishNormal PaperYes

161. Evans, A.H. 1917With the British Association in Australia. The Ibis ser.10 v.5 (1): 43-68.EnglishNormal PaperYes

162. Alexander, C.J. 1917Birds at the front. The Ibis ser.10 v.5 (1): 118-120.EnglishNoteYes

163. McGregor, P.J.C. 1917Notes on birds observed at Erzerum. The Ibis ser.10 v.5 (1): 1-30.EnglishNormal PaperYes

164. van H. Clarke, G. 1917Nesting in Macedonia. The Ibis ser. 10 v.5 (4): 640-643.EnglishNoteYes

165. Workman, W.H. 1917Brown Jackdaws The Ibis ser. 10 v.5 (4): 636-637.EnglishNoteYes

166. Carter, T. 1917The birds of Dirk Hartoy Island an Peron Peninsula, Shark Bay, Western Australia. The Ibis ser. 10 v.5 (4): 564-611.EnglishNormal PaperYes

167. Lowe, W.P. 1916Some birds of Palawan, Philippine Islands. The Ibis ser.10 v.4 (4): 607-623.EnglishNormal PaperYes

168. Swynnerton, C.F.M. 1916On the collection of the mouths and eggs of birds. Part II. The Ibis ser.10 v.4 (4): 529-606.EnglishNormal PaperYes

169. van Someren, V.G.L. 1916A list of birds collected in Uganda and British East Africa, with notes on their nesting and other habits. The Ibis ser.10 v.4 (3): 373-472.EnglishNormal PaperYes

170. Ogilvie-Grant, W.R. 1916Some notes in reply to Mr. G.M. Mathews. The Ibis ser.10 v.4 (2): 305-313.EnglishNormal PaperYes

171. Mathews, G.M. 1916On some New Guinea birds-names. The Ibis ser.10 v.4 (2): 295-305.EnglishNormal PaperYes

172. Whistler, H., Ticehurst, C.B. 1916Notes on the birds of the Jhelum district of the Punjab. With notes on the collection by C.B. Ticehurst. The Ibis ser.10 v.4 (1): 35-118.EnglishNormal PaperYes

173. Anonymous 1916Oological dinner. The Ibis ser.10 v.4 (1): 186-191.EnglishNoteYes

174. Pycraft, W.P. 1915The avifauna of central America: a study in geographical distribution. The Ibis ser.10 v.3 (4): 761-780.EnglishNormal PaperYes

175. Robinson, H.C., Kloss, C.B. 1915On birds collected by Mr. C. Boden Kloss, F.R.G.S., M.B.O.U., on the coast and islands of Southeastern Siam. With field notes by the collector. The Ibis ser.10 v.3 (4): 718-761.EnglishNormal PaperYes

176. Horsbrugh, C.B. 1915Ornithological notes from the Alix and Buffalo Lake Districts, Province of Alberta, Canada, 1914. The Ibis ser.10 v.3 (4): 670-689.EnglishNormal PaperYes

177. Mouritz, L.B. 1915Notes on the ornithology of the Matopo District, Southern Rhodesia. Part II. The Ibis ser.10 v.3 (3): 534-571.EnglishNormal PaperYes

178. Bannerman, D.A. 1915Report on the birds collected by the late Mr. Boyd Alexander (Rifle Brigade) during his last expedition to Africa. Part IV. The Ibis ser.10 v.3 (3): 473-526.EnglishNormal PaperYes

179. Hartert, E. 1915The new B.O.U. list of British birds. The Ibis ser.10 v.3 (2): 358-365.EnglishNoteYes

180. de La Touche, J.D. 1914The spring migration at Chinwangtao in North-East Chihli. The Ibis ser.10 v.2 (4): 560-586.EnglishNormal PaperYes

181. Meinertzhagen, R. 1914Notes from Mesopotamia. The Ibis ser.10 v.2 (3): 387-395.EnglishNormal PaperYes

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183. Bannerman, D.A. 1914An ornithological expedition to the Eastern Canary Islands. Part II. The Ibis ser.10 v.2 (2): 228-293.EnglishNormal PaperYes

184. Kelsall, H.J. 1914Notes on a collection of birds from Sierra Leone. The Ibis ser.10 v.2 (2): 192-228.EnglishNormal PaperYes

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186. Mathews, G.M. 1914A list of the birds of Melville Island, Northern Territory, Australia The Ibis ser.10 v.2 (1): 91-132.EnglishNormal PaperYes

187. Bannerman, D.A. 1914An ornithological expedition to the Eastern Canary Islands. Part I. The Ibis ser.10 v.2 (1): 38-90.EnglishNormal PaperYes

188. Mouritz, L.B. 1914Notes on birds observed in Katanga, Belgian Congo. Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society ser.10 v.2 (1): 26-38.EnglishNormal PaperYes

189. Harington, H.H. 1914Notes on the nidification of som birds from Burma. The Ibis ser.10 v.2 (1): 1-26.EnglishNormal PaperYes

190. Dodsworth, P.T.L. 1913Notes on the vultures found in the neighbourhood of Simla and adjacent ranges of the Himalayas. The Ibis ser.10 v.1 (4): 534-544.EnglishNormal PaperYes

191. Jourdain, F.C.R. 1913Corrections to the 'Catalogue of the collection of birds' eggs in the British Museum'. The Ibis ser.10 v.1 (4): 513-527.EnglishNormal PaperYes

192. Seth-Smithi, L.M. 1913Notes on birds around Mpuma, Uganda. The Ibis ser.10 v.1 (4): 485-508.EnglishNormal PaperYes

193. de La Touche, J.D. 1913Further notes on the birds of China. The Ibis ser.10 v.1 (2): 263-383.EnglishNormal PaperYes

194. Vaughan, R.E., Jones, K.H. 1913The birds of Hong Kong, Macao, and the West River or Si Kiang in South-eastern China, with special reference to their nidification and seasonal movements. Part II. The Ibis ser.10 v.1 (2): 163-201.EnglishNormal PaperYes

195. Ogilvie-Grant, W.R. 1913Notes on the birds collected by the B.O.U. expedition to Dutch New Guinea. The Ibis ser.10 v.1 (1): 76-113.EnglishNormal PaperYes

196. Bucknill, J.A. 1913A third contribution to the ornithology of Cyprus. The Ibis ser.10 v.1 (1): 2-14.EnglishNormal PaperYes

197. Anonymous 1913Report of the British Museum. The Ibis ser.10 v.1 (1): 156-160.EnglishNoteYes

198. Ogilvie-Grant, W.R. 1912Further notes on the birds of the Island of Formosa. The Ibis ser.9 v.6 (24): 643-657.EnglishNormal PaperYes

199. Bannerman, D.A. 1912The birds of Gran Canaria. The Ibis ser.9 v.6 (24): 557-627.EnglishNormal PaperYes

200. Lynes, H. 1912Bird-notes in two Andalucian Sierras. The Ibis ser.9 v.6 (23): 454-489.EnglishNormal PaperYes