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201. Nicoll, M.J. 1912Contributions to the ornithology of Egypt. No. III. The birds of the Wadi Natron. The Ibis ser.9 v.6 (23): 405-453.EnglishNormal PaperYes

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209. Sclater, W.L., Grant, H.B. 1911On the birds collected by Mr. Claude H.B.Grant at various localities in South Africa. With field-notes by the collector. The Ibis ser.9 v.5 (18): 208-316.EnglishNormal PaperYes

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212. Robinson, H.C. 1911On birds from the Northern portion of the Malay Peninsula, including the islands of Langkawi and Terutau; with notes on other rare Malayan species from the Southern districts. The Ibis ser.9 v.4 (17): 10-80.EnglishNormal PaperYes

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216. Anonymous 1910A rare Jay in Berlin The Ibis ser.9 v.4 (15): 568-569.EnglishNoteYes

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224. Butler, A.L. 1909Contributions to the ornithology of the Sudan. No. III. On birds collecgted by Captain E.P. Blencowe in the Bahr-el-Ghazal Province The Ibis ser.9 v.3 (9): 74-90.EnglishNormal PaperYes

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226. Salvadori, T. 1909Note on the Corvus neglectus of Schegel. The Ibis ser.9 v.3 (9): 134-137.EnglishNormal PaperYes

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