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201. Shelley, G.E. 1888List of birds collected in Eastern Africa by Mr. Frederick J. Jackson, F.Z.S. The Ibis ser.5 v.6 (23): 287-307.EnglishNormal PaperYes

202. 1887Observations in the Eastern Pyrenees. The Ibis ser.5 v.5 (17): 66-74.EnglishNormal PaperYes

203. 1887Notes on some Swiss birds. The Ibis ser.5 v.5 (18): 130-150.EnglishNormal PaperYes

204. 1887A list of the birds of Portugal. The Ibis ser.5 v.5 (18): 182-201.EnglishNormal PaperYes

205. 1887Birds of the Afghan Boundary. The Ibis ser.5 v.5 (18): 259-260.EnglishNormal PaperYes

206. Lilford, T.L.P. 1887Notes on Mediterranean Ornithology. The Ibis ser.5 v.5 (19): 261-283EnglishNormal PaperYes

207. Seebohm, H. 1887Notes on the birds of the Loo-choo Islands. The Ibis ser.5 v.5 (18): 173-182.EnglishNormal PaperYes

208. Sharpe, R.B. 1887Notes on a collection of birds made by Mr. John Whitehead on the Mountain of Kina Balu, in Northern Bornei, with descriptions of new species. The Ibis ser.5 v.5 (20): 435-454.EnglishNormal PaperYes

209. Tristram, H.B. 1887The polar origin of life considered in its bearing on the distribution and migration of birds. Part I. The Ibis ser.5 v.5 (18): 236-242.EnglishNormal PaperYes

210. Sharpe, R.B. 1886On the birds of Aden and the neighbourhood. The Ibis ser.5 v.4 (13): 11-24.EnglishNormal PaperYes

211. 1886On a collection of birds from Fao, in the Persian Gulf. The Ibis ser.5 v.4 (16): 475-493.EnglishNormal PaperYes

212. Salvadori, T. 1886On some Papuan, Moluccan, and Sulu birds. The Ibis ser.5 v.4 (14): 151-155.EnglishNormal PaperYes

213. Seebohm, H. 1886Notes on the birds of the Upper Engadine. The Ibis ser.5 v.4 (13): 24-29.EnglishNormal PaperYes

214. Sharpe, R.B. 1886On a collection of birds from the vicinity of Muscat. The Ibis ser.5 v.4 (14): 162-168.EnglishNormal PaperYes

215. Slater, H.H. 1886Notes from Northern Iceland in the Summer of 1885. The Ibis ser.5 v.4 (13): 42-52.EnglishNormal PaperYes

216. 1885The ornithology of St. Kilda. The Ibis ser.5 v.3 (9): 69-97.EnglishNormal PaperYes

217. 1885A birds' nesting ramble in Lapland. The Ibis ser.5 v.3 (10): 158-184.EnglishNormal PaperYes

218. 1885Letter to the editor. The Ibis ser.5 v.3 (10): 235-236.EnglishNoteYes

219. 1885Winter notes from Morocco. The Ibis ser.5 v.3 (11): 242-255.EnglishNormal PaperYes

220. 1885Further notes on the ornithology of St. Kilda. The Ibis ser.5 v.3 (12): 358-362.EnglishNormal PaperYes

221. Clarke, W.E. 1885An autumn ramble in eastern Iceland, with some notes from the Faröes. The Ibis ser.5 v.3 (12): 364-380.EnglishNormal PaperYes

222. Salvin, O. 1885A list of the birds obtained by Mr. Henry Whitely in British Guiana. The Ibis ser.5 v.3 (10): 195-219.EnglishNormal PaperYes

223. Shelley, G.E. 1885On Mr. E. Lort Phillips's collection of birds from Somali-land. The Ibis ser.5 v.3 (12): 389-418.EnglishNormal PaperYes

224. Swinhoe, C. 1885On the birds of Central India. Part I. The Ibis ser.5 v.3 (9): 52-69. see p.64,68EnglishNormal PaperYes

225. Swinhoe, C. 1885On the birds of Central India. Part II. The Ibis ser.5 v.3 (10): 124-138.EnglishNormal PaperYes

226. Whitehead, J. 1885Ornithological notes from Corsica. The Ibis ser.5 v.3 (9): 24-48.EnglishNormal PaperYes

227. 1884Rough notes on Spanish Ornithology. The Ibis ser.5 v.2 (5): 66-99.EnglishNormal PaperYes

228. 1884On the birds of Northern Tibet. The Ibis ser.5 v.2 (7): 242-244.EnglishNormal PaperYes

229. 1884Notes on the birds of Chamba, in the N.W. Himalayas. The Ibis ser.5 v.2 (8): 404-425.EnglishNormal PaperYes

230. 1884On a collection of bird-skins from the Orinoco, Venezuela The Ibis ser.5 v.2 (8): 431-441.EnglishNormal PaperYes

231. Clarke, W.E. 1884Field-notes from Slavonia and Hungary, with an annotated list of the birds observed in Slavonia. The Ibis ser.5 v.2 (6): 125-148.EnglishNormal PaperYes

232. Saunders, H. 1884Notes on the birds of the Pyrenees. The Ibis ser.5 v.2 (8): 365-392.EnglishNormal PaperYes

233. Seebohm, H. 1884On a collection of birds from Central China The Ibis ser.5 v.2 (7): 259-270.EnglishNormal PaperYes

234. Sharpe, R.B. 1884On a collection of birds made in Southern Palawan by Mr. E. Lemprière. The Ibis ser.5 v.2 (7): 316-322.EnglishNormal PaperYes

235. 1883On the birds of the pamir range. The Ibis ser.5 v.1 (1): 48-83.EnglishNormal PaperYes

236. Forbes, W.A. 1883The last journal of W.A. Forbes. The Ibis ser.5 v.1 (4): 494-537.EnglishNormal PaperYes

237. Irby, L.H. 1883Notes on the birds of Santander, Northern Spain. The Ibis ser.5 v.1 (2): 173-190.EnglishNormal PaperYes

238. Nicholson, F. 1883On a second collection of birds made in the Island of Sumatra by Mr. H.O. Forbes. The Ibis ser.5 v.1 (3): 235-257.EnglishNormal PaperYes

239. 1882Notes on the birds of the Province of Constantine, Algeria. The Ibis ser.4 v.6 (24): 550-579.EnglishNormal PaperYes

240. Biddulph, J. 1882On the birds of Gilgit. The Ibis ser.4 v.6 (22): 266-290.EnglishNormal PaperYes

241. Blanford, W.T. 1882Letter to the editor. The Ibis ser.4 v.6 (22): 348.EnglishNormal PaperYes

242. Layard, E.L., Layard, E.L.C., Tristram, C. 1882Notes on the avifauna of New Caledonia. A catalogue of birds of the Island known to E.L. & E.L.C. Layard. With remarks by the Rev. Canon Tristram. The Ibis ser.4 v.6 (24): 493-546.EnglishNormal PaperYes

243. Nicholson, F. 1882On collections of birds made by Mr. H.O.Forbes in South-eastern Sumatra. The Ibis ser.4 v.6 (21): 51-65.EnglishNormal PaperYes

244. Nicholson, F. 1882Supplementary notes to the list of birds collected by Mr. H.O.Forbes in the Island of Java. The Ibis ser.4 v.6 (21): 66-71.EnglishNormal PaperYes

245. Seebohm, H. 1882Notes on the birds of Astrakhan. The Ibis ser.4 v.6 (21): 204-232.EnglishNormal PaperYes

246. Seebohm, H. 1882Notes on the birds of Archangel. The Ibis ser.4 v.6 (23): 371-386.EnglishNormal PaperYes

247. Seebohm, H. 1882On the interbreeding of birds. The Ibis ser.4 v.6 (24): 546-550.EnglishNormal PaperYes

248. Slater, H.H. 1882Notes on a collection of birds made on the river Yang-tse-kiang. The Ibis ser.4 v.6 (23): 431-436.EnglishNormal PaperYes

249. Swinhoe, C. 1882On the birds of Southern Afghanistan. The Ibis ser.4 v.6 (21): 95-126.EnglishNormal PaperYes

250. Biddulph, J. 1881On the birds of Gilgit. The Ibis ser.4 v.5 (17): 35-102.EnglishNormal PaperYes