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Kearns, A.M., Restani, M., Szabo, I., Schrøder-Nielsen, A., Kim,J.A., Richardson, H.M., Marzluff, J.M., Fleischer, R.C., Johnsen, A., Omland, K.E. (2018): Genomic evidence of speciation reversal in ravens. Nature Communications 9: 906.
Language: EnglishType: Normal Paper
Countries where study took place: United States of America
Species: Corvus, -Corvus corax
Species Full Names: Corvus Linnaeus, 1758
Corvus corax Linnaeus, 1758
Themes: Methods, - Molecular analysis, -- other sequencing, Systematics, - Kinships, - Evolution/Phylogeny, Geographical distribution
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