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Song, G., Zhang, R., Alström, P., Irestedt, M., Cai, T., Qu, Y., Ericson, P.G.P., Fjeldså, J., Lei, F. (2017): Complete taxon sampling of the avian genus Pica (magpies) reveals ancient relictual populations and synchronous Late-Pleistocene demographic expansion across the Northern Hemisphere. Journal of avian biology
Language: EnglishType: Normal Paper
Countries where study took place: Unknown or unspecified Africa, Unknown or unspecified Asia, Unknown or unspecified Europe, Unknown or unspecified North America
Species: Pica, -Pica hudsonia, -Pica nuttalli, -Pica pica
Themes: Methods, - Molecular analysis, -- other sequencing, Systematics, - Evolution/Phylogeny
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