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Ferro, I., Navarro-Sigüenza, A.G., Morrone, J.J. (2017): Biogeographical transitions in the Sierra Madre Oriental, Mexico, shown by chorological and evolutionary biogeographical affinities of passerine birds (Aves: Passeriformes). Journal of biogeography. 44: 2145-2160.
Language: EnglishType: Normal Paper
Countries where study took place: Mexico, United States of America, Unknown or unspecified Middle and South America
Species: Aphelocoma, --A.c.californica, -Aphelocoma ultramarina, -Aphelocoma unicolor, -Aphelocoma wollweberi, --A.woll.potosina, Corvus, -Corvus corax, -Corvus cryptoleucus, -Corvus imparatus, Cyanocitta, -Cyanocitta stelleri, Cyanocorax, -Cyanocorax dickeyi, -Cyanocorax morio, -Cyanocorax yncas, Cyanolyca, -Cyanolyca cucullata, --C.c.mitrata, -Cyanolyca nanus, Nucifraga , -Nucifraga columbiana
Themes: Methods, - Molecular analysis, -- other sequencing, -- Molecular clock/Calibration, Geographical distribution
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