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251. de La Touche, J.D. 1906Field-notes on the birds on Chinkiang, Lower Yangtse Basin. Part I. The Ibis ser.8 v.6 (23): 427-450.EnglishNormal PaperYes

252. Evans, A.H. 1906Bird-notes from South Africa. The Ibis ser.8 v.6 (22): 347-361.EnglishNormal PaperYes

253. Dresser, H.E. 1906On some palaearctic birds' eggs from Tibet. The Ibis ser.8 v.6 (22): 337-347.EnglishNormal PaperYes

254. Sclater, P.L. 1906On some birds collected by Mr. Douglas Carruthers in the Syrian desert. The Ibis ser.8 v.6 (22): 307-317.EnglishNormal PaperYes

255. McGregor, P.J.C. 1906Notes on birds observed at Monastir, Turkey in Europe. The Ibis ser.8 v.6 (22): 285-307.EnglishNormal PaperYes

256. Baker, E.C.S. 1906Notes on the nidification of some Indian birds not mentioned in Hume's 'Nests and Eggs.' Part I. The Ibis ser.8 v.6 (21): 84-113.EnglishNormal PaperYes

257. Hartland, J.C. 1905Letter to the editor. The Ibis ser.8 v.5 (18): 288.EnglishNoteYes

258. Carter, T. 1904Birds occurring in the region of the North-West Cape Emu v.3: 207-213.EnglishNormal PaperYes

259. Hume, A. 1873Contributions to the Ornithology of India. Sindh, No.II. Stray feathers 1: 91-290.EnglishNormal PaperYes

260. Blyth, E. 1849Note to the Catalogue of the birds. A supplemental note to the Catalogue of the birds in the Asiatic Society's Museum. Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal v.18 pt.II: 800-821.EnglishNormal PaperYes