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51. Barve, S., Warrier, R. 2013Bird diversity of the Sharavathy landscape, Karnataka. Indian birds 8 (3): 57-61.EnglishNormal PaperYes

52. Das, S.K., Sahoo, D.P., Dash, N., Sahu, H.K. 2013Avifaunal diversity of Baisipalli Wildlife Sanctuary, Odisha, India. Indian birds 8 (4): 90-92.EnglishNormal PaperYes

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56. Santharam, V. 2013Stray bird notes from Rishi Valley. Indian birds 8 (3): 62-66.EnglishNormal PaperYes

57. Ganpule, R. 2011Photographic record of Rufous Treepie Dendrocitta vagabunda feeding on Drongo Dicrurus, and bat (Chiroptera). Indian birds 7 (4): 112.EnglishNormal PaperYes

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59. Kitowski, I. 2011The breeding population of the rook Corvus frugilegus in Chełm (eastern Poland) a comparison of the surveys of 1991 and 2011. Teka Komisji Ochrony I Kształtowania Środowiska Przyrodniczego 8: 56-62.EnglishNormal PaperYesYes

60. Naoroji, R., Sangha, H.S. 2011Threats to habitat and wildlife in Changthang and Rupshu areas of Ladakh: a case study at Hanle. Indian birds 7 (1): 2-6.EnglishNormal PaperYes

61. Pande, S., Sant, N., Pednekar, S. 2011Avifaunal survey of South- and Middle-Andamans, November 2009. Indian birds 7 (4): 104-106.EnglishNormal PaperYes

62. Pande, S., Sant, N., Pednekar, S., Pawashe, A., Sakhdeo, N., Mahabal, A. 2011Avifaunal survey of Netrani Island, Karnataka, and importance of offshore islands for bird life. Indian birds 7 (4): 106-108.EnglishNormal PaperYes

63. Peresani, M., Fiore, I., Gala, M., Romandini, M., Tagliacozzo, A. 2011Late Neandertals and the intentional removal of feathers as evidenced from bird bone taphonomy at Fumane Cave 44 ky B.P., Italy. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 108: 3888-3893.EnglishNormal PaperYesYes

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65. Singh, A.P. 2011Birds of the upper catchment of Ravi River, Chamba district, Himachal Pradesh, India. Indian birds 7 (4): 97-103.EnglishNormal PaperYes

66. von Bayern, A.M.P., Clayton, N.S., Emery, N.J. 2011Can jackdaws (Corvus monedula) select individuals based on their ability to help? Interaction studies 12 (2): 262-280.EnglishNormal PaperYesYes

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